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Workshop: Data Breaches – A Clear & Present Danger

Time is running out. Every single insurance and broker company deals with customer data. Your business no doubt has a GDPR and data breach strategy. BUT 80% of businesses are both not fully compliant nor 100% protected from data breaches.

The regulator will be the next one to test your GDPR programmes. Most importantly though, your customers will be the main testing mechanism for your GDPR strategy.

2 Sessions are available : 14:00 to 15:00 and then at 15:00 to 16:00

Spaces are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Join this seminar to find out how to test the main elements of your GDPR and data breach strategy. Find out if you have all the right systems in place and whether the regulator and your customers will be happy with your GDPR and data breach strategies. Learn what you missed and possibly got wrong. Build on the experience of others and the expertise of exceptional lawyers. Don’t risk it, check it and get it right.

GDPR and data breach matters to your customers, to the regulators and to your business. Take this opportunity to double check all is right and in order.

You will work your way through the scenario and touch on key issues such as:

  • What security is required by law?
  • ICO notification – if, when and how
  • GDPR compliance to avoid “secondary” breaches e.g. data minimisation and retention
  • Data Breach Response Plans
  • Breaches caused by third party contractors e.g. SaaS suppliers
  • Third party support – legal, forensics, PR

If you would like to attend, please register for the event and select "I would like to attend the GDPR Seminar" box during the registration.

About your GDPR and data breach specialists:


Jon Bartley

Technology Partner


Nicola Cain

GDPR and Data Protection Partner

The RPC GDPR and data breach specialist team combines the expertise of a cutting edge commercial data practice with a market leading contentious privacy practice.

This enables them to meet the challenges posed by an increasingly regulated environment, and one which will be dominated for years to come by the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.


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